Spot Treating Acne with Retin A

Remember the time your mom told you that puberty was the only time you would get acne? Wrong! I have combination skin and every time I’m on my period I’ll end up getting a few breakouts on my chin and jawline area. Sometimes when I’m stressed over my limits, I know I’ll end up getting one on my nose and ouch those ones hurt. But over the years, I’ve learned a trick or two to treat my acne and today I’m going to share one that definitely works for me.


So, last year stumbled across Retin A ointment of 0.05 percent on eBay. I really wanted to try it out, so I bought it. I remember reading Retin A is an excellent exfoliant and is great for letting new skin shine through. I decided to give it a try and used just a pea-sized amount all over my face. The next day I noticed my skin was peeling but I wasn’t horrified by it cause I knew this is what it’s supposed to do. In a few days when my skin had shed, I noticed my skin was so soft, and it looked radiant like I’ve had some professional treatment done. But what struck me was how the little breakouts have disappeared and how it had tightened my pores.


The next time I got some stress acne on my nose, cheeks, I realized why not try spot treating them with Retin A? I knew that it exfoliates and drys out the skin to cause it to peel, so maybe it’ll do the same with the acne. I knew I had to give it a try, what did I have to lose? So, I squeezed out a little bit of Retin A on my finger and used a q-tip cotton swab to treat the areas that broke out. You know when people tell you not to touch your pimple? They’re right, don’t touch it or squeeze it, I know it’s tempting, but you’ll just scar your face. The morning after, I was so happy with the results. My breakouts have shrunken and have completely dried out! It was just amazing.


Since then, I’ve always kept Retin A as a fixer-upper for my breakouts. It’s a must-have for my skin care routine not just for acne but it’s a total skin care fix for my complexion and the overall quality of my skin. If you haven’t used Retin A and you’re really struggling with your skin, I suggest you try it out. It really works wonders for your skin.


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